Protected: 216 Types of Waste = 216 Potential Innovations

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Huge Scary Problem, Simple Cheap Solution

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An article in Foreign Policy claims there appears to have been “Military-Style Raid on a California Power Station”.

The second to last paragraph is a perfect example of intelligent innovation.

A shooter “could get 200 yards away with a .22 rifle and take the whole thing out,” Wellinghoff said last month at a conference sponsored by Bloomberg. His proposed defense: A metal sheet that would block the transformer from view. “If you can’t see through the fence, you can’t figure out where to shoot anymore,” Wellinghoff said. Price tag? A “couple hundred bucks.” A lot cheaper than the billions the administration has spent in the past four years beefing up cyber security of critical infrastructure in the United States and on government computer networks.

Systems break at the weakest point. Quite often that means the solution is the simplest thing.

Innovation doesn’t make any random thing better. Innovations improve the most important thing. Innovations must:

  • better satisfy the currently most under-satisfied desire
  • not reduce the satisfaction of other desires bellow the required  level
  • not over-satisfy currently satisfied desires

Glowing Review of Predictive Innovation: Core Skills

December 29, 2013 · Posted in innovation · Comment 
December 29, 2013 · Posted in Innovation 

Mark is a great visionary author. He authored a very detailed book that makes innovation more certain and achievable. His concepts mapped every possible alternatives to innovate.

Looking forward to apply his concepts into action in my classroom and my professional practices.

Ide Bagus Siaputra, Director of Center for Lifelong Learning, East Java Province, IndonesiaIde Bagus Siaputra
Director of Center for Lifelong Learning
East Java Province, Indonesia


I’m very glad to receive such a glowing review. Writing books often feels like talking to an empty room. Hearing from my readers is a great joy especially when they tell me my research helps them.

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