Predictive Innovation: Core SkillsPredictive Innovation® is a revolutionary approach to innovation and thinking in general. It’s a structured way of thinking that allows you to see what customers will want, in advance, and how to most profitably make it using readily available resources. It’s proven by 25 years of scientific research and experience with the most innovative people and companies in the world.

Using Predictive Innovation® will help you increase profits by as much as 95 times traditional methods and cut your risk in half.

Core Skills is a practical how-to manual. You will learn all the basics needed to get started finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems, expanding markets, and increasing your return on investment. The book contains many examples on a wide range of products and services covering the entire innovation process.
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Other Recommended Books

On average, I read two entire books every week. My criteria for a good book is highly valuable information, key points are easy to find, and it gets to the point without extra fluff. I’ve only found a few that are really worth recommending. This is my short list.

“Mind of the OutCompete Strategist Volume 1” describes strategies that will help you win against all odds. This book is especially important for start-ups. A little to preparation will help you avoid the death blow waiting around the corner.
“How to Address Unsolvable Challenges, OutCompete Innovation Series Volume 2” Will your business prosper or fail when confronting a breakthrough opportunity? The answer depends on whether or not you can properly identify and address unsolvable business problems. This “art of science” is not in MBA curricula. The second volume of OutCompete Innovative Series fills this gap in business education explaining how to find and use counter-intuitive solutions. Read, learn, use – and OutCompete!
Automotive industry is dying: car sales shrink around the globe, former “big three” cannot stop the “layoff frenzy,” and even Toyota says, it will suffer its first operating loss in 70 years. Is it due to the financial crisis – or are there more fundamental reasons for the crisis of car transportation? How can the automotive industry overcome this crisis? What innovations should consumers expect in the nearest future? How to recognize the emerging New Leaders? This book answers these “burning” questions.
The Silicon Valley Way is accurate, packed with valuable information, and straight to the point. This is how the successful people in Silicon Valley go from idea to profitable business at the speed of the net. Each chapter is 2 – 3 pages long. The first page describes the concept then an example is given. This book will teach you how to think like a venture capitalist. I regularly use the 7 point “Cocktail Napkin Business Plan” to make rapid go/no go decisions.
This is a fabulous book for anyone looking to get started in Innovation. The Outcome Based Innovation approach is crucial to defining what customers want so you can actually provide it.
4 Hour Work Week is more than a book about lifestyle enhancement, it is great technical book on business models and productivity. It shows you who to design your business so that it can easily grow and remain profitable. It also shows you how to do this without big initial investment, organic growth. It’s also funny and encouraging.
I read 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing before I read branding. Even though the books cover very similar topics they are both essential. The style is direct and the examples are real.
Again this book is straight to the point and gives you seriously valuable information. The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding isn’t only good for selling your product but also for deciding what your product is. The ideas presented are critical to innovation.
The entire Rich Dad series is very good. If you already understand that a job is not the path to wealth then skip the first book and start with Cashflow Quadrants. If you still believe you want a “good job” and “security” then go back to the beginning and read Rich Dad, Poor Dad then decide which path you want to follow.
Flatland is a mathematical novel written in 1884 and is extremely helpful in understanding how to see the many possible options right before your eyes. Predictive Innovation is based on hyper-dimensional mathematics so this fun easy to read book is a great start to becoming a professional innovator. You can download this book for free from the Guttenberg Project but at under $4 it might be worth having around to loan to people.
There are 5 all time best books on marketing, and you can get two of them for a really low price. Claude Hopkins “Scientific Advertising” and “My Life in Advertising” are frequently referred to in more recent advertising books. Remember, if the customer doesn’t buy it you haven’t innovated.
The Robert Collier Letter Book is the most referenced book among marketing and sales books. It’s mandatory reference material for anyone planning on doing any selling. If you want to be an innovator, that means you need this book.
How to Write A Good Advertisement by Victor Schwab is one of the classic marketing books quoted by others. Its a shame that most stores don’t carry it, but you can buy it online now.
Web marketing is really just direct mail without the postage expense. And like many other things, it’s all been done before. Reading about one system then thinking about how it fits the new technology is a great exercise for innovation in any field.