Predictive Innovation

Predictive Innovation Method allows you to reliably create targeted high value innovations on demand for any product, service or industry. This increases your return on investment, decrease risk and neutralize competition.

How Predictive Innovation Works

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The definition of innovation is:

Satisfy customers’ unmet desires

When you realize that satisfying customers’ unmet desires is the definition of innovation, you gain the first insight to Predictive Innovation. For success you must begin with the customers’ desires. Only when you understand the customers’ desires can you reliably come up with ideas to satisfy those desires.

Player PianoIdeas are easy. The difficult part is finding ideas that will profitably satisfy the desires customers’ most want satisfied. The big problem is understanding their desires. Desires are subjective. The first thing Predictive Innovation does is translate subjective desires into objective outcomes that can be accurately communicated and measured. Once you have objective outcomes your task is much easier.

iPodsOutcomes don’t change. The outcomes needed to achieve a particular task remain the same. For example, what a person wants when listening to music has and will remain the same forever. Even as musical styles change and the possibilities expand, the core aspect of listening to music is the same. Today we have DVD and MP3 players that allow you to listen to the music you want. In the past there were tapes and records. And before that there were player pianos and music boxes. Each did the same thing, let you listen to the music you want in a place you wanted. What changes is how well those outcomes are satisfied.

The ideal product or service gives the customer…Record Album

what they want, when they want, where they want, the way they want, with or for who they want, at the price they want and with no hassle.

By taking the outcomes and expressing the ideal for each you now see the future. Predictive Innovation allows you to accurately define that ideal product or service then using a series of special techniques shows you all the paths and every step between here and there. Predictive Innovation literally gives you a map to success.

Why You Need Predictive Innovation

There are two very important reasons you need Predictive Innovation.
A complete innovation system must satisfy 51 criteria and Predictive Innovation is the only system that does that. But there are two reasons that probably are more important than the others. Both of them are classified as Revealing Emerging Expectations.

First, anything new takes time to develop and deliver. Customers’ demand is greatest when the need has not been addressed. When customers have a desire and you are the only one able to satisfy their desire, you will have success. If you launch your product too soon you will waste valuable resources trying to create a market. So you need to deliver the right product at the right time and deliver it in the right way. That requires Predictive Innovation.

The most dangerous and most overlooked threat to any business is the second reason you need Predictive Innovation. The better idea you overlooked, is the biggest threat to your business. That isn’t just money left on the table it’s leaving the door open to the vault. Most businesses introduce an innovation that only covers 13-20% of the innovation potential. That leaves over 80% of the possibly better ideas waiting for competition to take and use to destroy you. Predictive Innovation shows you all the innovation potential for your idea plus the value of each. This allows you to choose the best innovation to start and pro-actively handle competition before it’s even a threat.

The other benefit of seeing all the innovation potential for your idea is increased return on investment. There are a minimum of 15 areas of innovation for any idea. Most businesses only pursue one or two. By simply expanding your innovation to one of the other 15 areas you can double your return on investment. Since the Predictive Innovation Method shows you exactly how to develop the ideas it reveals, you often receive 300% to 500% greater returns without any additional investment.

Resolving Conflicts

Lawyers deal with resolving conflicts. They either try to avoid the conflict through properly written contracts or settle the conflict through negotiation, arbitration or trial. This is innovation.

There are two parties seeking to have their desires satisfied. The conflict happens because they believe the only way for one party to get what they want is to cause the other party to lose. Since Predictive Innovation can show you a minimum of 105 ways to achieve an outcome and thus satisfy the underlying desire, you can find a win-win resolution.

First Predictive Innovation helps by clearly defining what outcomes will satisfy both parties. It converts the subjective desires in to clearly defined objective outcomes. Then it shows you all the ways to achieve those outcomes.

This gives you a tremendous edge since you can select the best alternative for you that also makes the other party happy.

Finding Solutions

Everyone runs into tough problems they need to solve. The win-lose type are particularly frustrating. To get one desired result seems to require losing another. This is called a contradiction and the Predictive Innovation Method is great at resolving the perceived contradictions. Again since we know that there are at least 105 types of solutions divided into 15 categories we have a much better way to check for possible solutions.

More importantly Predictive Innovation helps accurately define the real desired end result. Many times the conflict was caused by trying to do something that was not needed in the first place. Often just properly defining the outcomes makes the solution obvious.


All salespeople are innovators. If you are a salesperson your job is to satisfy customers desires. That is the definition of innovation. To reliably and profitably satisfy customers desires, you must first understand the desires and how to objectively satisfy those desires.

Once you clearly understand what will truly satisfy the customer then you must communicate how the solution you offer addresses each of the outcomes the customer is seeking.

The Predictive Innovation system helps you quickly and accurately reveal what customers actually want. And then how to profitably give it to them.

Mathematics Behind Predictive Innovation

FutureMaps created using the Predictive Innovation Method are truly maps of the innovation space. Each innovation has a specific address and any desired set of innovations can be located by using the proper combination of parameters.

The Predictive Innovation Method constructs an n dimensional taxonomy (hypercube) to describe the innovation space. This is in essence a fractal model. By increasing dimensions, greater resolution can be achieved at predictable levels. This improves upon hierarchical taxonomies by allowing for multiple classifications sparsely populated hypercubes.

Similar approaches have been used in computer graphics to highly accurately represent natural systems. This shares some similarity to the work of Stephen Wolfram on cellular automata models.

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