$214 million "Dog ate my homework" handout in new patent law

September 16, 2011 · Posted in Intellectual Property · Comment 

There are many things wrong with the concept of patents. This handout to a politically connected law firm further demonstrates the error of claiming ownership of an idea.

Criminally Charge the TSA for Assault

November 18, 2010 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Abundance Based Intellectual Property System

The intended purpose of intellectual property laws is to promote discovery and encourage sharing of ideas. A system that rewards great discoveries and also makes the realization of the ideas available to as many people as cheaply as possible is the ideal system. Using the concepts of Abundance that system can be achieved.

The patent and copyright system creates artificial scarcity. Its stated goal is to promote the sharing of ideas but it does not work. Its not just broken, it was wrong from the start. It assumes that good ideas are scarce and the only way to get people to share their ideas is to give them a monopoly, creating a temporary scarcity.

It’s absurd to claim information as property. If someone said they owned the number 3 and no one can use it without their permission, they would be laughed at or even locked up for being insane. The patent and copyright system grants ownership to information. That contradicts the goal of promoting discovery and sharing.

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