Post Lyme Disease Syndrome

April 30, 2024 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Antibiotics can cure disease but cause another. The treatment for Lyme Disease is doxycycline or amoxicillin.

People get sick after supposedly getting the cure for lyme disease but many suffer long term problems. If the antibiotic treatment cured the original disease, the antibiotics might cause the post treatment syndrome.

A potential cure for Post Lyme Disease Syndrome could be restoring the biome. Think of it like surgeons treating an injury. The surgeon cut the patient to fix damage and then stitch up the wound after surgery. The same concept could be applied to drugs. Restoring the biome is the stitches.

Day 34 in Bangkok – Measuring Fat, Products, & Desires

March 20, 2019 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Day 34 of First Principles in Bangkok is a product review of a Xiaomi Mi Fit Smart scale as an example of measuring fat to explain my startup app QuickMatch that measures “fuzzy” desires. I cover the entire process of choosing the product, receiving it, setup, & using it. There are many meta lessons in this video.

Why I’m in Bangkok

March 7, 2019 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Short answer, to make my life better. I want more productivity, more opportunities, and enjoy life now.

In 2006 I suffered a closed head brain injury that messed up a lot of my abilities including my memory. My life changed a lot. I lost all my money, my house, the tech media startup I founded, plus my ability to work. I was starting over from nearly nothing.

Having nothing actually opened up some opportunities. During the 12 years since the head injury I traveled to 4 continents and 11 countries. I wrote two books. I discovered a new way to think based on first principle that allows you to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. I’ve re-learned how to program computers & created an app called QuickMatch that solves the problem of measuring non-numeric data so you can confidently make really complex decisions easily.

Part of my plan in Bangkok is sharing my journey to launch this product & re-launch my life.

Why is better Bangkok better than where I was? Why is Bangkok better than other options?

Looking back on my life I’ve found that a better physical environment increases my productivity. After the head injury I need it even more than before.

Bangkok is:

  • Warm & sunny everyday. The sunshine does wonders for me feeling more productive. Medically it improves your immune system by creating vitamin D. The full spectrum light helps regulate sleep & awake cycles which is a big problem I have. Just as important is knowing it’s going to be nice. That removes the stress of hurrying to get things before being trapped inside again.
  • Green & flowers everywhere. Literally teeming with life despite being a major city. That’s a very nice thing about Bangkok.
  • Cheap fresh food. I can eat fabulously prepared meals made from ingredients that came from the farm that morning for less that the cost of just the ingredients in the USA. Healthier & less stress which is very important to me.
  • Better business & social environment.
    • 15 million people.
    • Active entrepreneurial community
    • People open to new experiences.

That is why I’m in Bangkok.

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