Day 26 – Pantip, Laptop Repair in Bangkok

March 20, 2019 · Posted in problem solving 

How to get your laptop repaired in Bangkok in 1 hour. Go to Pantip and ask store that sells the laptops. They will direct you to the correct person then let the Asian magic work.

My laptop screen started blanking out. This was a major barrier to working on the QuickMatch software. I looked at buying a new laptop or getting mine repaired. Getting it repaired was quick and amazingly affordable.

You can either take the Khlong Tan boat then a short walk or BTS to Central World and a slightly longer walk. It is a tourist area now and crowded even into the night. The selection of street food is entertaining but not necessarily cheap. One place sells roasted crocodile.

My laptop was fixed in 1 hour and cost $120. I did the same thing with my cell phone and it cost $15. Quick and cheap phone & laptop repairs.