Why I’m in Bangkok

March 7, 2019 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Short answer, to make my life better. I want more productivity, more opportunities, and enjoy life now.

In 2006 I suffered a closed head brain injury that messed up a lot of my abilities including my memory. My life changed a lot. I lost all my money, my house, the tech media startup I founded, plus my ability to work. I was starting over from nearly nothing.

Having nothing actually opened up some opportunities. During the 12 years since the head injury I traveled to 4 continents and 11 countries. I wrote two books. I discovered a new way to think based on first principle that allows you to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. I’ve re-learned how to program computers & created an app called QuickMatch that solves the problem of measuring non-numeric data so you can confidently make really complex decisions easily.

Part of my plan in Bangkok is sharing my journey to launch this product & re-launch my life.

Why is better Bangkok better than where I was? Why is Bangkok better than other options?

Looking back on my life I’ve found that a better physical environment increases my productivity. After the head injury I need it even more than before.

Bangkok is:

  • Warm & sunny everyday. The sunshine does wonders for me feeling more productive. Medically it improves your immune system by creating vitamin D. The full spectrum light helps regulate sleep & awake cycles which is a big problem I have. Just as important is knowing it’s going to be nice. That removes the stress of hurrying to get things before being trapped inside again.
  • Green & flowers everywhere. Literally teeming with life despite being a major city. That’s a very nice thing about Bangkok.
  • Cheap fresh food. I can eat fabulously prepared meals made from ingredients that came from the farm that morning for less that the cost of just the ingredients in the USA. Healthier & less stress which is very important to me.
  • Better business & social environment.
    • 15 million people.
    • Active entrepreneurial community
    • People open to new experiences.

That is why I’m in Bangkok.

Bluesky Whiteboard

February 28, 2019 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Looking out the window at the palm trees in Bangkok while working on my “Wluesky Whiteboard” is extra motivating. Finding co-working space when traveling can be a hassle & expensive. A window or mirror is nearly always available & might even have an inspiring view.

SeepeopleS — Interest is the Real Net

July 10, 2007 · Posted in innovation, sharing · Comment 

A few weeks ago I randomly found a music video on YouTube that I liked a lot. Then this weekend when I went to the studio to return a camera I ran into Peter Keys (keyboardist for Bob Segar & Kid Rock). I hadn’t seen Peter in a few years since he worked on Bikini Calculus when I produced that. He and I talked about our new projects and come to find out he is the keyboardist of SeepeopleS.

People talk about it being a small world when you find someone in a place you don’t expect. They feel its a coincidence. It might be but its more likely that you both are their because you share interests.

Out of the millions of videos on YouTube I “randomly” found SeepeopleS but in reality I was looking for things I liked. And Peter Keys and I shared some things in common and that is why we had met originally and he worked on Bikini Calculus. So when I found the music video it was because it interested me. Its not surprising that I would like a song a friend likes.

The web makes it easier to find your friends, even among the billions of people out there. The Net is not computers, its the links between people

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