SeepeopleS — Interest is the Real Net

July 10, 2007 · Posted in innovation, sharing · Comment 

A few weeks ago I randomly found a music video on YouTube that I liked a lot. Then this weekend when I went to the studio to return a camera I ran into Peter Keys (keyboardist for Bob Segar & Kid Rock). I hadn’t seen Peter in a few years since he worked on Bikini Calculus when I produced that. He and I talked about our new projects and come to find out he is the keyboardist of SeepeopleS.

People talk about it being a small world when you find someone in a place you don’t expect. They feel its a coincidence. It might be but its more likely that you both are their because you share interests.

Out of the millions of videos on YouTube I “randomly” found SeepeopleS but in reality I was looking for things I liked. And Peter Keys and I shared some things in common and that is why we had met originally and he worked on Bikini Calculus. So when I found the music video it was because it interested me. Its not surprising that I would like a song a friend likes.

The web makes it easier to find your friends, even among the billions of people out there. The Net is not computers, its the links between people

Why I drove 3 hours in a snowstorm to another country to see a dentist and LOVED IT!

February 13, 2007 · Posted in innovation, problem solving · 3 Comments 

My trip to Canada to access one dental innovation uncovered a complete system filled with innovation. This is the first part of a story of innovation with fabulous success. This series of articles will:

  • Demonstrate innovation with the OutCompete Predictive Innovation Method
  • Give examples of several innovative technologies.
  • Give an example of innovative service.
  • Predict some future innovations.
  • Diagnose reasons an organization fails to innovate.
  • Show you how to improve your organization’s innovativeness.

Damaging radiation, toxic metals, caustic poisons, and amputations with power tools.

Does that sound like health care?

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