Charity, proof scarcity doesn't always increase prices.

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Sharing electricity with victims of Hurricane Sandy.Economic theory states that scarcity increases prices; but, exactly the opposite occurs. People share with their neighbors.

Widespread power outages is the definition of scarcity. The people people without electricity clearly have a need. Why didn’t it lead to massive profit taking? In a real free market there is another choice, it’s call charity.

The person sharing their electricity didn’t have a scarcity, they had an abundance, more than they needed. The value of helping people in need outweighed any monetary profit or the hassle involved in selling access to electricity. This situation shows that given the choice people gladly share. If there isn’t a significant cost involved sharing people will share.

New Form of Life, Discovery Published Creative Commons

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The Economist reports a new form of life was discovered, very interesting. The actual scientific article is released with a Creative Commons license, awesome.
Economists summary

Actual scientific article

Help build a 2.5 ton flaming interactive musical instrument

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Syzygryd a crowd funded project, Syzygryd is collaborative musical instrument, Syzygryd is a light show, Syzygryd is a flame thrower.

You can make Syzygryd happen.

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