Easily Solving Your Biggest Future Challenges Keynote @ BTOES

July 22, 2017 · Posted in innovation · Comment 


The world is changing faster and faster. Automation, globalization, and the Internet changed the rules that worked in the past. The future challenges will not be like the past.

Today, rules change almost as quickly as you can learn them. Process will not help you in this increasingly more rapid paced, higher stakes environment. To succeed, you need a new way of thinking.

You need to think predictively.

In this keynote I explain the discovery of a new way of thinking that anyone can use to:

  • Solve seemingly unsolvable problems on demand
  • Map future innovations for products & services, processes, & business strategy
  • See 5X, 10x, even 20X improvements hiding in plain view

The crucial piece needed for success that is missing from Agile, Lean, 6 Sigma and all process focused systems.

Keynote Speaker BTOES 2017

November 21, 2016 · Posted in economics, innovation · Comment 

BTOES 2017 Keynote SpeakerI’m very glad to be a keynote speaker at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence 2017 in Orlando, FL Mar 21-24. I’m excited to share the stage with experts from NASA, Toyota, BMW, Walmart, Bose, Wells Fargo, & Cardinal Health. Previous keynote speaker’s include these well known authors: Malcolm Gladwell, Jim Collins, & Subir Chowdhury. A very impressive list.
When I was asked to speak they specifically said they wanted a new perspective. They chose me to show their attendees a new way to succeed in the future. I’m taking that very seriously. To deliver on that request I’m writing a new book. This book covers what I believe is the biggest challenge facing all leaders. More importantly, like all my books it gives practical answers.
Everyone realizes something big is happening. It affects nearly every aspect of life. Despite constant talk and worry about the effects only a few people are even hinting at the root cause.
If this challenge is not handled properly it will cause major companies to fail. It will cause massive unemployment. It may even cause nations to fall. As bad as this challenge can be the opportunities will be even greater for those who know how to handle it properly. Since it is different from anything that has come before most people don’t see it even though they are feeling the effects.
I plan to release my new book to the attendees at the conference.
Even if you can’t attend the BTOES conference you can get my new book the day it comes out.