Disruptive innovation breakthrough from incremental improvements

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Disruptive innovation breakthrough from incremental improvements. The 3D controller in the video uses brute force pattern recognition and cheap hardware. It’s what Ray Kurzweil claims will lead to the Singularity.

Cheap camera based 3D controllers have been on the market for close to 2 years. The interesting part of this video is how they do it. They have a large database of images for hand positions then compare what the camera sees to an image in the database. That is an extremely crude approach but the speed of cheap hardware makes it economical.

Most people view breakthroughs as rare and hard to achieve. Using the random creativity based approach that is very true. Business leaders want the disruptive breakthroughs because of the huge profit potential. If you are not using Predictive Innovation your only option is incremental improvements and mediocre little to no increases in profits. However you can achieve breakthroughs with incremental improvements. Read more

Predictive Innovation Training Thursday & Friday Oct 27 & 28 at 9 AM

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The next Predictive Innovation training is Thursday & Friday Oct 27 & 28 at 9 AM. You can register at http://www.predictiveinnovation.com/workshop.php

Predictive Innovation Practitioner Workshop May 11 & 12

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Learn how to reliably create profitable new products on demand, apply solution finding techniques for products, services and processes, predict future innovations, and locate areas of innovation potential.

2 day event 4 hours each session, May 11 & 12

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Covers all the skills needed to improve products or processes.

– Writing an Ideal Vision Statement
– Revealing Emerging Expectations
– Describing Outcome Statements
– Creating Outcome Diagrams
– Identifying Dilemmas
– 5 Steps to Resolve Dilemmas
– Outcome Expansion
– 7 Basic Elements of an Outcome
– 15 Alternatives Grid
– Easily Convert Ideas Into Designs
– 105 Innovations for any Product or Service
– Calculating a Preliminary Innovation Quotient

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