New Class: Solve Seemingly Impossible Problems FAST!

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Anyone can learn how to quickly solve seemingly-impossible problems. This self-paced online class is a brief introduction to Predictive Innovation® you can use in your life immediately.

When I say anyone I mean it. Children or adults can understand and use the skills taught in this class. You can use the technique any time you want a better option or a different idea.

This easy to understand class teaches you how to use one of the 15 Alternatives to solve problems and find innovations. The technique introduces you to skills needed to describe the entire idea space and predict innovations.

Predictive Innovation® Core Skills: Inversion This course is being re-done, signup at to be notified when the new course is offered..

Predictive Innovation Training Thursday & Friday Oct 27 & 28 at 9 AM

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The next Predictive Innovation training is Thursday & Friday Oct 27 & 28 at 9 AM. You can register at

Predictive Innovation Practitioner Workshop May 11 & 12

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Learn how to reliably create profitable new products on demand, apply solution finding techniques for products, services and processes, predict future innovations, and locate areas of innovation potential.

2 day event 4 hours each session, May 11 & 12

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Covers all the skills needed to improve products or processes.

– Writing an Ideal Vision Statement
– Revealing Emerging Expectations
– Describing Outcome Statements
– Creating Outcome Diagrams
– Identifying Dilemmas
– 5 Steps to Resolve Dilemmas
– Outcome Expansion
– 7 Basic Elements of an Outcome
– 15 Alternatives Grid
– Easily Convert Ideas Into Designs
– 105 Innovations for any Product or Service
– Calculating a Preliminary Innovation Quotient

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