WCBN – Interactive Technology Interview – Part 2 of 2 – 2006 Dec 19

January 9, 2007 · Posted in abundance, economics, innovation · Comment 

Part 2 of a 2 part interview. I talked about abundance, ways for Detroit automobile industry to deal with China’s increasing manufacturing dominance, unemployment, how to make things free, information technology, new ways of looking at the world.


WCBN – Interactive Technology Interview – Part 1 – 2006 Dec 19

December 27, 2006 · Posted in abundance, innovation, Intellectual Property, sharing, strategy · Comment 

We discuss viral marketing, the online TV show I produce being spotlighted on Veoh.com, video advertising systems such as Revver.com, BitTorrent, Creative Commons, and business models that use file sharing and how artists and other creators of intellectual works can get paid for their works in a world of unlimited file sharing.

WCBN – Interactive Technology Interview – Part 1 – 2006 Dec 19

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