Electric Drag Racer Sets Records

April 13, 2011 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Plugin electric car beats gasoline muscle cars at drag racing. White Zombie set records with simple lead acid batteries.

The fact this car was setting speed records using simple, reliable, cheap, lead acid batteries is the major innovation. The definition of innovation is:

Profitably satisfy unmet desires

Profitably doesn’t necessarily mean money, it means all the desires are better satisfied for everyone involved in delivering the innovation. So far plugin electric cars fail to innovate as normal passenger cars because the range is less than gasoline, diesel, or natural gas cars. Driving very fast for short distances is a way for plugin electrics to innovate. Electric cars have more torque from the start than internal combustion engines, this makes them very fast off the line.

Finding a special use for a new technology is part of the evolution to a new paradigm. In the beginning internal combustion engines had severe limitations but eventually outperformed the previous technology in every way and even made new things possible. Airplanes became possible because of internal combustion engines.

Electric vehicles have a large amount of torque, are quiet, and don’t any toxic exhaust fumes while operating. This makes electric vehicles ideal for use indoors especially hi-lo to move heavy items in a warehouse. Electric vehicles work well indoors because they don’t need to travel far and can be recharged in between uses. This has been how plugin electric vehicles have been used for decades. The other use is for golf carts. Again, a golf cart has limited range and is quiet which is perfect for a golf course.

Mapping the steps from current technology and uses to the replacement and new possibilities reveals the lowest risk, highest profit innovations.

Prediction: Diminished Reality, removes objects from video

January 27, 2011 · Posted in innovation, prediction · Comment 

Hyper-customization is the emerging expectation of video. Adding or changing existing video is on of the 5 directions of the 15 Alternatives. Removing objects is another. This technology removes object from a video in real time. This is all part of the hyper-customization prediction.


Prediction: MovieReshape makes hyper-customized video

January 26, 2011 · Posted in innovation, prediction · 2 Comments 

In 2004 I predicted user made video like YouTube would be the next big thing. At the same time I also predicted other innovations for video such as hyper-customized video and by 2009 it was evident is was the next big area of innovation. Here is one example of my predictions becoming reality.

MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos

Reshape people in video according to complex criteria such as adding or reducing muscle or fat, stretching or shrinking legs plus more traditional alterations such as height.

MovieReshape uses the concept of Continuous in the form of using automation to create images that did not exist in reality and no human needed to do the actual editing. As processor speed increases it will be possible to make the customizations in real time so that each viewer can control the shape of the actors in their own customized video.

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