Prediction: MovieReshape makes hyper-customized video

January 26, 2011 · Posted in innovation, prediction 

In 2004 I predicted user made video like YouTube would be the next big thing. At the same time I also predicted other innovations for video such as hyper-customized video and by 2009 it was evident is was the next big area of innovation. Here is one example of my predictions becoming reality.

MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos

Reshape people in video according to complex criteria such as adding or reducing muscle or fat, stretching or shrinking legs plus more traditional alterations such as height.

MovieReshape uses the concept of Continuous in the form of using automation to create images that did not exist in reality and no human needed to do the actual editing. As processor speed increases it will be possible to make the customizations in real time so that each viewer can control the shape of the actors in their own customized video.