Cute video. What do you see?

August 15, 2012 · Posted in innovation · 2 Comments 

This is a video of a cute Japanese girl but I saw much more when I watched it.
I see:

  • parts are staged to get different camera angles
  • the child is having fun
  • how the town is designed
  • the low counter at the store making it easier for people who can’t reach higher such as the little girl or someone in a wheel chair
  • lots of video editing
  • planning to get the video
  • a relationship between the child and the videographer
  • USA commercialism in her clothing
  • people watching the video, some such as me on the other side of the world who will probably always be strangers
  • an impact doing this will have on the girl’s development
  • the video being a wonderful gift to future generations

All of that went through my mind while I was watching it the first time. I didn’t watch the video more than once. I didn’t think about it afterwards. Those were all of my thoughts while watching the video. Of course I also saw how cute she was and the scenery.

How many different perspectives do you have on things you see, or hear?

Automatic Drying Diaper Improves Health Care

November 11, 2010 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Japan is dealing with their problem of aging population by automating health care. This automatic drying diaper could replace catheters and provide extra benefits.

Catheters might be cheaper in the short run but risk infections, are uncomfortable to insert and remove and require some training to insert. This automatic drying diaper requires no training, is much more comfortable with less risk of infection and offers other advantages.

Since there is already some electronics this device could be easily expanded to measure amounts and times, perform tests on the contents to monitor health and help with diagnostics plus alert care givers of needed care.

This is just one of the 15 Alternatives solution types. A diaper that automatically dries itself is an example of Return to Stable, and this one does it multiple times. A disposable diaper is a Single Stable, although not very stable. A catheter is a Multiple Direct, it directly catches urine multiple times. That is only 3 of the possible 15 solution types. There are 12 other types of innovation possible.