Mathematics Behind Predictive Innovation®

February 24, 2009 · Posted in innovation 

FutureMaps created using the Predictive Innovation® are truly maps of the innovation space. Each innovation has a specific address and any desired set of innovations can be located by using the proper combination of parameters.

The Predictive Innovation® constructs an n dimensional taxonomy (hypercube) to describe the innovation space. This is in essence a fractal model. By increasing dimensions, greater resolution can be achieved at predictable levels. This improves upon hierarchical taxonomies by allowing for multiple classifications and sparsely populated hypercubes.

Similar approaches have been used in computer graphics to highly accurately represent natural systems. This shares some similarity to the work of Stephen Wolfram on cellular automata models.

Animated Phoenix Julia Fractal

Extra Credit

If all that was a bunch of geeky gobly gook to you then you can at least enjoy the pretty picture and this fun song by Jonathan Coulton’s called “Mandelbrot Set”. You might want to visit his website. He has some great music and he has done some cool things with Creative Commons.