Can You Innovate Without Craziness?

January 27, 2009 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

Crazy Google GlassesBizarre and weird behavior isn’t the source of innovation. Innovation is satisfying customers’ unmet desires. Unless your customers’ want to watch you act crazy then bizarre behavior is not innovative.

All you need to satisfy customers’ unmet desires is to understand your customers and have a system for creating products and services that do more of what customers want. That sounds remarkably sane.

So why all the hype about acting like a lunatic to be innovative?

Innovation by definition is change. Crazies love change, any change, the wilder the better. Sensible people naturally avoid most change because it also produces risk. But sane logical people change all the time. What they want to avoid is risky change that doesn’t provide value. Give a sane well adjusted person a low-risk high value improvement and they will gladly accept that change.

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