Letter from God to Man

January 19, 2010 · Posted in innovation · Comment 

This video answers these common questions and complaint.
Why doesn’t God do something about these problems? My God would not let this happen. There can’t be a God because there is so much evil.

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When we complain about all that is wrong and point the blame at others, or give up saying it’s just the way things are, or nothing can be done to change it, how often should we look at ourselves as the cause of the problem and preventing the solution?

Deep down we all know the source of the evil and we recognize our guilt. There are four ways of dealing with guilt:

  • deny
  • blame
  • ignore
  • repent
  • forgive

Which one will you choose?

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Hey There, how, how’s it going?
Long time no see.
I know I haven’t been around much lately
But…it didn’t seem like you wanted me to be
The last time I sent down a message you nailed it to the cross
So I figured I’d just leave you to it, let you be your own boss
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