Borders Personal Publishing Beta Test

March 17, 2008 · Posted in abundance, economics, innovation · Comment 

Borders Books new concept store in Ann Arbor has several innovations. My next book will be part of a Beta test for one of those innovations, Borders Personal Publishing Service. And I would like you to be part of this test. I want the readers of my blog to suggest things to cover or questions to answer in my next book, “Free. How to Thrive in the New World of Abundance”. When the book is published I’ll be making appearances at Borders to talk about Predictive Innovation & Abundance.

Borders Publish Yourself allows you to have your book printed and listed for sale at every Borders store plus others such as Amazon and even Barnes and Nobles. The books are printed on demand through, the leader in on demand publishing. I’ve already published one book using Lulu. The great thing about all of this is how quickly you can complete a project. Instead of waiting months for a traditional publisher to print your book Lulu can print your book the same day and ship it to you overnight. This is exactly the reason I used LuLu to publish Ron Paul Revolution: History in the Making. The content was fresh and it needed to get out while the topic was hot. As a result I beat Ron Paul to market with his book.

Low upfront cost. Traditional book publishing and even self publishing services required printing thousands of copies. Print On Demand allows you to print as few as one book. This fits very well into the long tail. Now that people are able to publish books that might not have large audiences those books can now be sold. The market goes from 0 to 100s and maybe 1000s. Perhaps your market is bigger than you imagined. Until you can get it published you will never know. Abundance makes things possible that weren’t before.

Borders Publish Yourself offers three levels of service plus a selection of individual services.

Service ISBN Standard Premium
ISBN Registration Yes Yes Yes
Interior Page Design & Formatting No Yes Yes
Free Proof Copy of Your Book No Yes Yes
Self-Publication Guide No Yes Yes
Editorial Evaluation No No Yes

Action Items

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