Larry Lessig's Video About Copyright Abuse is Abused using DMCA

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If there were anyone out there to whom you would not want to send a random take down notice for an online video, it would probably be Larry Lessig. Given that Lessig has become the public face for those who feel that copyright has been stretched too far, as well as being a founder of Stanford’s Fair Use Project, and who’s written multiple books on these issues, you would think (just maybe) that any copyright holder would at least think twice before sending a DMCA takedown on a Larry Lessig presentation.

If you watch the video it is clearly within the legal limits of Fair Use. Each clip is less than 10 seconds and is used as a quote. Aside from stupidity of Warner Brother activating the The Streisand Effect causing this to go viral, by trying to ban the video they are proving the point the video makes. DMCA is insane!

Lessig makes it clear that the concept of copyrights needs to change. Copyrights are a government granted monopoly. They do not protect artists, and never really have. The big businesses use this government granted monopoly to secure their failing business models while the government wages war on individuals. The same problems that occur in other wars such as innocent victims, wasted money, and corruption occur with the war on sharing. Even though Obama claimed he would protect peoples freedom he lied and appointed an RIAA lawyer to the 2nd most powerful post in the Justice Department.

The problem faced with copyrights stems from the idea of scarcity. Rather than innovate and better serve customers, big business gets the government to use force to protect their monopoly. This is happening with Big Banks, Big Pharma, and Government schools. Any place there is a government granted and enforced monopoly the quality goes down, the cost goes up and innocent people get hurt while a war is waged to protect the profits of the entrenched power group.

There are at least 4 types of business models with countless varieties of each. Two of the types actually benefit from sharing. So this war on sharing is only holding back the bright future that is possible. It won’t stop sharing, it will only drive it underground. Look at how well that approached worked on everything else.

Google Predicted the Election

November 6, 2008 · Posted in innovation, prediction · Comment 

As I pointed out in my book “Ron Paul Revolution: History in the Making” Google trends is much more accurate measure of the public opinion than limited polls. Since Google searches are what people are really interested in and can’t be swayed by the wording of the questions it’s more truthful. Also Google searches tracks every search so it is not as prone to sample bias.

Google Trends for Obama and McCain

Google Trends for Obama and McCain

I believe the polling methods used are part of the reason the Republican party failed. And even though the election looks like a big win for Obama and the Democrats I suspect they are missing very important aspects of what happened. Looking at people as groups rather than individuals hides what is really going on. People act as individuals not groups. Individuals have very different needs and desires. The entire election process forces people to pick a watered down version of what they really want.

There are enough people who don’t vote to win an election. That is the unserved long tail majority. In politics it might be possible to ignore the real majority by fighting over pieces of the small pie but businesses can’t do that and succeed. That huge group of potential customers are fuel for disruptive innovation. Any company that reaches that untapped group will jump to the industry leader.

Old methods of polling and marketing research won’t find these hidden non-buyers. Predictive Innovation can show you the untapped markets and how to reach them. As more distributed tools like Google Trends become available it becomes more important to learn how to use the Predictive Innovation Method.

VenetianPrincess Remote Collaboration Music Video

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VenetianPrincess is a star on YouTube and an innovator. Her next project is a great example of how abundance is changing the world.

Venetian Princess is a pretty and very talented woman who makes movies and music videos, some for songs she writes and performs. Her channel has Subscribers: 25,271 and Channel Views: 1,117,782 as of today. She is the start of most of the movies she makes, using green screen chroma keying. Her movies are released in segments, much like a TV mini-series. This format is a great match for the way people watch video online plus it lends itself to business models that work with freely available content.

She is very talented at editing and makes dreamy eye catching videos with lots of special effects as well as some very funny stuff, watch the an episode of Princess Chronicles
She garnered some extra attention by poking fun at Obama Girl in a parody called “I Got A Crush On…. Giuliani” None of what she does would have been possible 10 years ago and it would have been difficult 5 years ago.

Low cost, easy to use tools makes it possible for her to be a one woman movie studio. But since those same tools are available to her audience they can participate. I don’t mean leaving comments or even just posting their own videos. She is asking her fans to contribute video for her to use to create a music video. Her co star will be digitally editing into the scene to interact with her. She can star in a video with someone she’s never met.

This remote working environment makes things possible that never would have been before. Its both Long Tail and Free, which are all parts of abundance and made possible through innovation.

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