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March 18, 2008 · Posted in innovation 

Back in 2004 I created a web statistics tool I called Twinkle Maps. It would show views to a page on a map over time so it looked like little lights twinkling across the map. This was exceptionally good for tracking viral spread. I’ve stopped using that tool since Google Analytics handles a bunch of other things as well as a map component. It’s not as useful for viral marketing analysis but it does more than what I need on a daily basis.

I look at the analytics once a day and study them in more detail once a week. I’ve found some fascinating results. Today I found someone using MSN with the search term “red dwarf” visited my blog. I posted an article about the BBC and Creative Commons licenses that mentioned Red Dwarf and that is what the person found. It seemed odd that the person would find my blog based on that search term so I tried the search myself. My site does not show up on the first 32 pages. How far down the search was the person looking?

Raser Inc. has visited my blog 4 times, once going to the contact page but they didn’t contact me. Why? Only 10% of people that go to the contact page contact me. Perhaps they were looking for my phone number. I added my phone number, lets see how many calls I get.

I get a lot of traffic from universities. Here are all the universities and colleges that visited my blog this year.

Wayne State University
Michigan State University
Campus Network For University Of Warwick
Oxford Brookes University
Princeton University
Research Network University Of Ghent
San Diego State University
University Of Phoenix
Bradford University
Brunel University Network
Centre Reseau Et Communication Universite Louis Pasteur
Eastern Michigan University
Florida Atlantic University
Fort Hays State University
Henderson State University
Illinois Wesleyan University
Johannes Kepler Universitaet
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Kyung Hee University
Mahidol University Computing Center
National Technical University Of Athens
North Carolina State University
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
Nova University
Portland State University
Rice University-Sesquinet
Rutgers University
Shippensburg University
Simon Fraser University
Singapore Management University
Southampton Solent University
St Thomas University
The University Of Aizu
The University Of Huddersfield
Universita Degli Studi Di Padova
Universite De La Reunion
University Medical Center
University Of Alabama
University Of California Irvine
University Of East Anglia
University Of Florida
University Of Idaho
University Of Kent At Canterbury
University Of Michigan Medical Center (Mcit)
University Of Missouri-St. Louis
University Of New South Wales
University Of Pennsylvania
University Of Rochester
University Of Southampton
University Of Southern California
University Of Strathclyde
University Of Tennessee
University Of Texas At Austin
University Of Waterloo
University Of Wisconsin Madison
Washington State University
Wichita State University
York University
Morningside College
Algonquin College
Baker College
Conestoga College
Dawson College
Goldsmiths College
Havering College
Mount Royal College
Principal J N Medical College
St. John Fisher College
Trinity College Dublin
Washington & Jefferson College
Whitman College
Georgia Institute Of Technology
British Columbia Institute Of Technology
Indian Institute Of Management(Iim)
Institut Fuer Medizinische Informatik – Uni Giessen
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
London School Of Economics And Political Science