Live Success Counseling

June 24, 2007 · Posted in innovation, problem solving 

What do you want? Lots of people ask me to help them get what they want. Personal or professional they are always happy with the new insight. They tell me I should charge for my advice. I like helping people and I didn’t want to bother with billing. But now I’ve found a way to help that is easy and affordable.

I’m offering Live Success Counseling. There is a button on the site. Click that or call the 800 number.

This is my ad. What do you think?


The secret to success is having options. My 4-step process helps you find all your options and then choose the best one.

This is the same process I’ve used at major companies like: Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Charles Schwab, and Nintendo to create new products and develop winning business strategies.

I’ve also helped hundreds of people with their personal lives. Improve their relationships, overcome fears, and escape from destructive patterns.

When we talk I’ll walk you through the four steps.

  1. Clearly identify what you want.
  2. Break your goal down into steps.
  3. Find all the options for each step.
  4. Choose the best option for you.

Then you go do it. If you need help I’m here to discuss your progress and make suggestions.

I want you to succeed. And you can.

Call me.