Strange Intersections

January 17, 2007 · Posted in innovation, sharing 

When I run across someone in a different situation than how I knew them I’m not too surprised. The people I hang around have wide interests and tend to get around. But I had to laugh when I saw that Pirate Bay is hoping to buy Sealand. If you read my blog you know my involvement with BitTorrent, so that is my connection to Pirate Bay. But I also have a connection to Sealand. A friend of mine, Sean Hastings, who was a friend when I was a teenager started HavenCo, a data haven, located on Sealand. But it doesn’t end there. I was looking through Sean’s personal web site and found Noah Spurrier. I was Noah’s boss when I led the development team creating the #1 health insurance billing processing system for the USA at QuadraMed. So its a pretty small world, especially when you get around like I do.