Evangelism Marketing Workshop

April 17, 2008 · Posted in innovation, strategy · Comment 

The Boardwalk Creative Center in Ann Arbor, MI, “Michigan’s most creative meeting space” will host my next hands-on Evangelism Marketing Workshop. I’ll show you how to “Make your customers so happy they freely sell your products for you.” This is way beyond Word-Of-Mouth and Viral. The methods I teach will show you how to create, motivate, and track loyal fans who spread the word of your product.

As customers have more choices and control over media and products traditional interrupt based advertising is losing its effectiveness. Many companies are turning to online marketing, but going about it all wrong. They still try to force you to see their ads with pop-ups or spam or banner ads. Search-based techniques are better but depend on your customers knowing you exist and looking for you. How do you reach people with something new and better?

Evangelism Marketing is the answer. People are much more likely to buy a product recommended from a trusted friend. You might even ask certain friends for recommendations on things they have expertise. This bridges the knowledge and confidence gap. Additionally, Evangelism Marketing costs less because you aren’t fighting to get attention with offers that are thrown in the trash. The friend tell the potential customer what they want to hear, when they want to hear it in the way they want to hear it. Evangelism Marketing targets on levels not possible with any other approach and get better results because of it.

As you can imagine all the rules are different when using Evangelism Marketing. Using the OutCompete Predictive Innovation Method and 10 years of research, I’ve learned what makes a complete and effective Evangelism Marketing campaign. Get up and running fast with this action-packed one day workshop. I hope to see you there.

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Interactive Technologies Radio Interview – Ron Paul Revolution: History in the Making

April 8, 2008 · Posted in abundance, innovation · Comment 

Tune into Interactive Technologies live radio interview on WCBN 88.3 FM Ann Arbor to join the two part interview. You can listen online including a stream on Second Life. I’ll be talking about Evangelism Marketing my experience using Evangelism Marketing method with the Ron Paul Revolution.

Mark Frazier on IT talking about abundance, Ron Paul, Evangelism marketing, and impacts on society.

MyMiniCity, fun community traffic building technique

March 20, 2008 · Posted in innovation, sharing · Comment 

I stumbled upon an online game that is like SimCity. The way to get actions to occur to make improvements to your city is to have people click on links. So you send links to your friends or post them in your blog. Check it out and Increase Industry in the MyMiniCity of Merfopolis.

I assume the site makes money from advertising. They should get a lot of traffic very quickly. This follows one of the main rules of Evangelism Marketing, spreading the message benefits the user. Its both fun to see the city grow, plus you are helping your friends develop their cities. Pretty cool.

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