Medical Trust Networks, Bruce Schneier, and I

March 28, 2011 · Posted in abundance 

A blogger inadvertently proves his case by referencing both Bruce Schneier and I in an article about security in medical care.

Bruce Schneier being quoted in an article about security is expected. It would be strange if he were not quoted. He is the world’s leading expert on security and he’s published something daily for years.

I’ve posted a few things about medical care and about security but the article referenced was not about security or medical care, it was about flying cars, accidents, and predicting innovations. If you knew that Bruce Schneier and I were friends you might think the author who referenced both of us was also a friend, he is not. So, is this a weird coincidence or is our writing somehow related to us being friends and that commonality attracted the author who referenced us?

The article suggests using trust relationships to provide security for medical data. Whether the author knew it or not he proved his point when he referenced both Bruce and I.